About WUD

WUD mission

WUD introduces simple and high-quality teak furniture and handicrafts directly from the origin to Hong Kong, injecting simple and comfortable natural elements into busy life. I hope to add a little warmth and expectation to this crazy world. Wait Until Dawn

WUD's products are mainly produced and imported from Central Java, Indonesia, which is famous for the production of log and teak furniture. Its unique and fresh woody fragrance and handcrafting make its products full of vitality and uniqueness. Teak wood takes at least 50 years to mature. The hard and clean heartwood also represents the perseverance and unyielding spirit of Hong Kong people. It can also firmly carry everyone's life stories. Live well and wait for the dawn.

WUD Vision
Cooperate with other developing countries to promote local crafts and give slums and small shops more room to survive. Strengthen the manufacturing of recycled old wood products and promote environmental awareness. Live it simple. Make it simple.




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